The history of shankodwar beyt dwarka nagari

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Beyt Dwarka is an island, situated at a distance of 30 km from the main town. This island is surrounded by few temples, white beach and coral reefs. You’ll have to take a ferry ride to the island from Okha Jetty Port. The port can be easily reach via all major modes of local transportation. A place that offers tantalizing beauty along with seclusion from the holidaying crowds is Beyt Dwarka features temples of Vishnu, Radha, Lakshmi, Satyabhama, Devaki and Jambavati. There is a narrow street which leads to these temples that are crowded by vendors selling local crafts, idols, cassettes, coconut and seashells. Not only a major pilgrimage site but a pleasant spot for a beach holiday, Dwarka has fine stretches of beach and though crowded by pilgrims one can always find quiet spots too. Large number of birds could be seen on the coast. There is a small island covered with temples